Invisible Braces

Perfect Smiles offers multiple braces treatments that are less conspicuous than traditional metal braces.

Incognito Braces


What are invisible (lingual) braces?

Perfect Smiles Orthodontics specialise in invisible (lingual) braces (Incognito) for adults.  These are fixed behind the teeth so that they do not show at all.

As invisible braces are placed on the inside of the teeth, they are ideal for those who would prefer their treatment to go unnoticed. 

Invisible braces may only be needed for short periods of time for simple problems through complex cases can take up to 2 years.  The majority of the invisible
braces are on the adult patients but children can request this treatment from 14 years of age.  Fees are between two and three times that of conventional treatment.

Whilst invisible braces do not show, our patients certainly know they are there.  The tongue may be irritated and sore initially.  Speech can be affected, causing a lisp or whistling sound in the first few weeks.

Chewing food will also be difficult as the teeth are held apart by the braces for the first few months.

90% if patients wearing invisible braces have very few complaints after the first 10 days.

Incognito Braces Perth


Clear Braces

What are aesthetic braces?

Many patients do not want metal braces fixed to their teeth.  "Train-tracks" are very obvious, even from a distance, and there is an increasing demand for less conspicuous braces.

Aesthetic braces are clear or tooth-coloured brackets which are usually made from porcelain.  A metal wire is used to straighten the teeth but this is only really obvious on closer inspection. These clear braces are usually fitted on the upper front teeth and upper side teeth only.  Perfect Smiles Othodontics uses Damon Clear In-Ovation C and Clarity brackets.

If porcelain brackets are fitted to the lower teeth they could damage the edges of the upper incisors.  Metal attachments are therefore normally recommended in the lower arch.


Clear Braces 

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