Adult Braces and Orthodontic Treatments

Adult Braces and Orthodontic Treatments

Let’s face it, braces aren’t just for teenagers anymore. Whether it’s for hygiene, cosmetic, or functional reasons, more and more adults are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment. Current research by the American Association of Orthodontists suggests that 1 in 5 of all orthodontic patients are over the age of 18.

Fortunately, orthodontic treatment has no upper age limit. Provided that you have good oral hygiene, no active gum disease, or tooth decay, orthodontic treatment is open to all ages, whether you’re 17 or 70.

Perhaps you had braces when you were younger but failed to consistently wear your retainer, or maybe you’ve noticed your teeth becoming more crowded with age. In either case, orthodontic treatment is a great solution.

At Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on our professional and caring approach to modern dentistry. With over 17 years of experience, we offer a plethora of contemporary orthodontic treatments for adults.

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Orthodontic treatment is much more than just teeth straightening. It can help with crooked, overcrowded, gapped, and sticking out teeth as well as overbites, crossbites, and underbites.
Before you undertake any orthodontic treatment, it’s important to understand what can and cannot be achieved. While braces work at any age, some structural changes cannot be accomplished without orthognathic surgery to amend the shape and position of the jaw.
During your consultation, the orthodontist will set out exactly what’s possible and recommend a treatment path that’s tailored to your goals. Thankfully, there’s more than one route to straight teeth and there has never been more treatment options available.


When it comes to selecting a teeth straightening system, Invisalign® clear aligners stand out as the top choice. With this option, you can relish the liberty of living your life to the fullest, while also benefiting from a cost-effective substitute to traditional braces.

Carriere Motion Applianaces

The Carriere Motion device is a sleek metallic ‘limb’ that is typically affixed to the third and sixth teeth. Additionally, a transparent detachable retainer will be placed on the opposite jaw, with a fastener attached to the rear tooth for attaching removable elastics. It is a professional-grade appliance designed to improve teeth alignment.

Clear Braces

The Carriere Motion device is a sleek metallic ‘limb’ that is typically affixed to the third and sixth teeth. Additionally, a transparent detachable retainer will be placed on the opposite jaw, with a fastener attached to the rear tooth for attaching removable elastics. It is a professional-grade appliance designed to improve teeth alignment.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery, commonly known as jaw surgery, is a surgical procedure that aids in correcting the alignment of both the upper and lower jaw. The improper alignment of jaws can have negative impacts on your bite, leading to difficulties in eating and speaking.

TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices)

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) are utilised in orthodontic treatments for situations that are more complicated. They are mini screws that are made of medical grade titanium alloy and implanted into the gum and jawbone. These devices act as a precise anchor and encourage tooth movement


Are you scared about traditional metal braces making you look unprofessional in the workplace? Apprehensive about having a mouth full of metal on your child’s wedding day? Whatever your reasons, Invisalign is a great option if you’re looking for a discrete way to achieve a straighter smile.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten the teeth. Each aligner is custom made from medical grade, wafer-thin plastic using innovative 3D technology. You must wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day and will be given a new set every one to two weeks.

As the aligners are removable, they can be taken out for eating and drinking, brushing and flossing, or photos and special occasions. Compliance is the primary concern here — failure to wear your aligners for the requisite amount of time can interfere and unnecessarily lengthen treatment time.

In terms of pricing, Invisalign costs roughly the same as fixed metal braces. The overall price depends on the length of treatment and the number of aligners required.

For more information on Invisalign clear aligners, please visit the Invisalign page.

Why Choose Perfect Smiles
for your Adult Orthodontic Treatment

At Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we’ve been creating beautiful smiles since 2006. Our principle orthodontist, Dr. Chin, is certified by both the General Dental Council (United Kingdom) and the Dental Board of Australia. He has been practicing orthodontics since 1997.
We strive to provide timely and efficient dental results. Our specialist team of nurses and orthodontists will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that caters to your exact goals, concerns, and budget.

Adult Orthodontics FAQ


As long as you have no active gum disease or tooth decay, orthodontic treatment is available for everyone. Around 47.2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of periodontal (gum) disease. But this must be alleviated before orthodontic treatment can commence.
The amount of correction that your teeth require will determine which treatment options are available to you. Modern orthodontic treatment can even work around existing fillings, crowns, and dental implants.


Approximately 1 in 5 of the orthodontic patients we see are adults over the age of 18. So yes, adults still wear braces. In fact, since modern braces are available in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes, more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment than ever before.


Due to the advanced technology, specialist skill, and high-grade materials involved, invisible braces often cost more than traditional metal braces. At Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we’re committed to providing a range of orthodontic treatment options that are suitable to budgets big and small.


Orthodontic treatment is available for people of all ages. However, it’s worth noting that adult bones are fully formed so some structural changes cannot be achieved without orthognathic surgery.

Similarly, while treatment time varies from person to person, the entire orthodontic process is likely to be slower and lengthier in adults.


The cost of adult braces depends on the type of treatment and the amount of correction required. Generally speaking, fixed metal braces are the most cost-effective solution compared to newer, invisible braces. In any case, at Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we offer a range of flexible payment plans aimed at making orthodontic treatment accessible to everyone regardless of their budget.

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