18 Feb, 2024

The significance of X-Rays in Orthodontics

X-rays play a vital role in orthodontic treatment, providing valuable insights and diagnostic information for orthodontists. They are an integral part of the process, allowing orthodontists to accura…  

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04 Feb, 2024

Understanding Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity can greatly disrupt your daily activities, affecting your ability to savor your preferred food and drinks. Typically, it presents as an intense, abrupt discomfort triggered by vario…  

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14 Jan, 2024

Why Invisalign Can’t Fix All Overbites

Considering Invisalign to address your overbite and achieve straight teeth? It's crucial to grasp the limitations of this widely-used method for teeth alignment. In this piece, we'll reveal the reali…  

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06 Jan, 2024

What can I eat with Braces?

Orthodontic treatment is an essential part of oral health care. However, for those who have braces, eating habits may need to be adjusted. This is primarily to ensure the effectiveness of the treatme…  

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29 Dec, 2023

Broken Braces – Guide to Handle Unexpected Breakages

Broken braces can occasionally occur despite the sturdy construction of orthodontic appliances. When a bracket or wire breaks, it can be distressing, leading to discomfort and potentially derailing y…  

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20 Dec, 2023

Thumb Sucking. Does it cause the need for Braces in Children

Thumb sucking is a prevalent behavior observed in many children and can cause anxiety for parents. Typically, children tend to outgrow this habit by the time they reach the age of two to four. Nevert…  

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