The Difference In Dental Health Between Men And Women

 The Difference in Dental Health between Men and Women

There is a common saying that men are from Mars and women from Venus! This is because men and women are quite different from each other in their personality and behavior, apart from the obvious physical characteristics. Dental health and its maintenance is different in men and women. Listed below are few differences in dental health that have been observed during years of study:

  • Dental health issues in women due to hormones
    Hormones play a major role in the normal functioning of the body especially in a woman. The sudden alteration in hormone levels during pregnancy, menstruation or menopause put a woman in a definite risk of developing gum problems or dental issues. During pregnancy almost 75% of women have been reported to have gum inflammation and few women develop burning mouth syndrome during the phase of menopause. The only method of curbing dental issues is by following oral hygiene regimes diligently.
  • Women brush more often!  
    A study revealed that women brush at least 8% more than men. This shows that they definitely care more for their teeth than men do. It has also been observed that women are about 10% more likely to brush their teeth instantly after meals. Men do not take oral hygiene measures as seriously as women.
  • Men meet with more accidents  
    We know that men are involved in contact sports more often than women. This factor puts them in a greater risk of meeting with sports accidents like a fall resulting in chipped or cracked teeth. That is why, a mouth-guard is essential to be worn during such activities. Apart from that, men tend to indulge more into deadly habits of smoking or chewing tobacco than women. Hence, cases of oral cancer have been reported more in men apparently.
  • Women visit their dentist more
    Women are keener than men in safeguarding their dental health. Hence, they end up visiting their dentist more frequently than men. This habit helps them in availing timely treatment for their dental problems and prevention of future dental upsets.  
  • More dental problems in men
    Since men visit their dentist quite rarely, they are always prone to develop some or the other dental problem. Men, generally, think that they should visit a dentist only when things seem to go out of their control like excessive pain and swelling. This is why most of the dental problems remain unnoticed until it grows into something serious. Regular dental check-ups and professional cleaning can keep most of the dental problems at bay.  

So, now you know how different men and women are in taking care of their pearly whites. ​

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