Why Lingual Braces Are Popular With Image Conscious Patients

Lingual braces, also known as hidden braces or inside braces were first introduced in the 1970's. They are referred to as lingual braces because although the braces are like the traditional systems, there is one big difference.Instead of being fastened to the outside or front of the teeth, they are bonded to the inside or behind. Lingua is actually the Latin word for tongue.

Gone are the days of huge metal braces - with the arrival of lingual braces. This method is fast turning out to be one of the more preferred options for orthodontic treatment for image conscious patients across the globe. It actually combines the newest technology with patients' genuine concerns and as such, it provides you with the most effective orthodontic treatment currently available.

This is why they are popular with image conscious individuals who want straighter teeth but hate the appearance of sporting a mouth filled with metal.They are bonded to the inside surface of the teeth, next to the tongue (lingual) instead of the upper surface, hence they can barely be seen when you smile.

There are various reasons why lingual braces are increasingly becoming popular.

A large number of patients tend to feel more self-conscious when wearing traditional braces. Although the positioning of lingual braces makes them hardly noticeable, the technology is however too closely linked to the conventional braces, providing excellent control over tooth movement.

Lingual braces are among the more expensive treatment options on the market – and for good reasons. There are three major benefits associated with them:

  • They are incredibly hardly visible
  • They are extremely effective at straightening teeth since they use the conventional method of brackets and archwires
  • They are suitable for people with client-facing jobs

The following are additional reasons for their increasing popularity: 

They are capable of fixing more complex issues

Each bracket is tailor made to fit perfectly into the mouth in order to enhance the comfort of patients while wearing the lingual braces. After the lingual braces have been fitted, there is a little adjustment period. However, the tongue will gradually adjust to the orthodontic gadget.

Lingual braces are tailor-made for almost all oral disorders and may be used on the majority of cases to straighten teeth as well as correct bites including the more complicated cases which other clear aligners are not capable of treating.

They can be worn by both teens and adults

Generally, lingual braces can be used on the majority of patients of different ages who want a more discreet orthodontic treatment. The custom made brackets allow invisible braces to be worn by both teens and adults.

They can improve a patient's overall dental health

Lingual braces do not just offer aesthetic benefits; they can as well improve a patient's overall dental health. Adjusting uneven teeth using braces can be helpful in relieving stress on the gums plus jaws and straightening teeth, thus making it easier to both brush and floss. This can actually lessen chances of developing gum disease.

If you desire to have an attractive smile that you have been dreaming of but are self-conscious when it comes to the thought of having to be fitted with braces, lingual braces could certainly be the ideal option for you.

For more information about incredible lingual braces, or to arrange for a consultation, get in touch with us today. 

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