SMOKING CAN AFFECT MUCH more than just your lungs!

It is quite known how smoking can destroy your lungs. As a matter of fact, smoking can be extremely detrimental for your overall health as well. The blood vessels harden due to smoke products causing heart diseases and high blood pressure. Your oral health is also compromised due to smoking.

Impact of smoking on oral health -

The ill-effects of smoking are listed below-

1.  Bad breath- This is, indeed, one of the most obvious adverse effect of smoking. One of the prime reasons for bad breath is smoking.

2.  Gum problems - The soft tissue lining within our mouth gets exposed to high temperatures while smoking. This interfere with the physiology of the gums and can cause problems like gingivitis (gum inflammation) or even periodontitis (inflamed gums and supporting structures).

3.  Stains on teeth - The teeth get stained with light brown to blackish stains which give an unpleasant and dirty appearance.

4.  Precancer lesion - The toxic ingredients of smoke can cause some dreadful changes in the tissue within the mouth leading to development of whitish patches on the inner side of the cheeks called as Leukoplakia. This is a lesion that can lead to oral cancer as well.

5.  Delayed Healing - Any wound within the mouth of a smoker takes a lot of time to heal and there are chances for the wound to get infected as well.

6.  Oral cancer - This is the most dangerous consequence of smoking.

Effects of smoking on orthodontic patients-

If you are a smoker and wear braces, you have some serious reason to be worried. Take a look at how smoking can affect oral health in orthodontic patients -

1.  For Invisalign - These are almost invisible aligners that are worn by individuals to correct minor orthodontic problems. Smoking can stain these aligners and thereby compromise the oral hygiene of an individual.

2.  For Conventional braces - In this case, the teeth surfaces which do not have wires or brackets on them get stained. Hence, when the orthodontic patient removes the braces at the end of the treatment, the teeth have already got stained irregularly and, at times, even permanently. An additional problem with conventional braces is that removal of stains is quite tough through professional cleaning as the wire components act as a hindrance during the procedure.

For successful orthodontic treatment, the gums and the underlying bone need to be healthy. Smoking can risk the health of gums and the underlying bone. This can lead to delay in treatment or altered results. This is something quite undesirable. Hence, it is better to quit smoking once and for all.

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