APART FROM THE cosmetic advantages, what’s so great about having straight teeth?

Not only do straight teeth make your smile beautiful and stunning, they bring your lips, face, and teeth in correct proportion with each other. So is that all? Apart from the cosmetic advantages, what's so great about having straight teeth? Straight teeth have a great contribution to our overall health. Here are few of the benefits of straight teeth - 

  1. Easy brushing- With straight teeth, brushing becomes a lot easier than having crooked teeth. The bristles of the toothbrush reach almost every point of the tooth surface ensuring that all the surfaces are scrubbed off properly. Flossing is also hassle-free if you have straight teeth. In crooked teeth, there is always a chance of leaving some areas unclean.

  2. Healthy gums- Straight teeth also contribute to the health of gums surrounding them. As cleaning becomes easy, the bacterial load residing on the tooth surfaces and gums reduces. Hence, there is less chance for the gums to get infected.

  3. Healthy heart- When the mouth is loaded with food debris there is every possibility for a hike in the number of harmful bacteria. These bacteria percolate through the gums to reach the blood circulation. They travel down to vital organs of our body like heart and can cause infection. Straight teeth eliminate the chance of accumulation of food debris as regular brushing keep a check on the bacterial population. Hence, straight teeth can be considered vital for the heart as well.

  4. No bad breath- A clean mouth leaves no scope for bad breath. As straight teeth make the cleaning process easy there is no chance for the food particles to remain inside the mouth. Bad breath is produced by a type of bacteria that loves to feed on food remnants. 

  5. Builds up confidence- A healthy and beautiful smile is what everyone desires. With straight teeth, one can achieve that dream easily. When you know you look good, your self-esteem boosts up and that reflects through your personality. 

  6. Avoids stress on the neck- Crooked teeth result in an improper bite. An improper bite is one of the reasons for undue stress on neck and head. This may result in a headache or a sore neck. Straight teeth resolve such problems to a great extent. 

  7. Prevent excessive tooth wear- Incorrect bite can lead to unusual wearing down of teeth.  This will result in teeth sensitivity as the repeated biting is causing the wearing of top layers of teeth thereby exposing the pulp.

  8. Clear speech- For our speech to be clear and accurate, it is essential for our teeth to be in straight alignment so that they make the correct contact with each other and the tongue at the right points. The pronunciation of some specific words changes in case of misaligned teeth. This may affect the self-confidence of an individual adversely.

If you have crooked teeth and you feel that there are no problems with them you may be sadly mistaken. Visit your dentist for a check-up to know more about your dental condition. He will surely help you decide whether correction of crooked teeth is required or not. ​

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