The dangers of DIY” Do It Your Own” Braces

Everyone desires to have straight, beautiful teeth. Often, the desire to have good things collides with the desire to save money. It is true that braces can be quite costly for many families, especially those with many kids. Full treatment can run into thousands of dollars.

This has led to the emergence of a new 'do-it-yourself' trend, with some videos on YouTube showing how it is done. The movement is popular especially with teens. While the videos make it look really easy, trying to move your teeth yourself is a risky affair. It can ruin your smile.

Although cheap DIY braces may sound rather tempting, they are really a bad idea. The risks far outweigh the benefits. Don't be fooled as you will end up having little to smile about.

A consumer alert warning has been issued by the American Academy of Orthodontics, the American Journal of Orthodontics, and Dentofacial Orthopedics against DIY dental solutions.

 "DIY remedies"

There are various techniques broadcast on YouTube plus other sites that claim to help people achieve professional outcomes with DIY remedies. These include:

●Elastic strings

●Plastic mold kits

●Rubber bands

Rubber bands or elastic strings may look rather harmless. However, they may slide up the tooth and end up lodging inside the gums hence cutting off the blood supply.

Plastic mold kits, also referred to as "braces by mail ", are poor quality devices offered by devious companies that can cause irreparable harm to teeth. In fact, they cannot be seen with the usual X-ray, and this will prolong the duration between diagnosis and treatment.

Beware of dangerous ideas

Beware of the internet; it is full of dangerous ideas on how to do everything by yourself – including performing your own medical procedures. Of late, different videos have been doing rounds about tips for straightening teeth. They claim to close gaps using hair bands plus other home goods. These techniques will not produce the result you desire, regardless of the promises made. Besides, they are dangerous and may do more harm than good. By experimenting with these techniques you risk permanent damage – or worse.This includes teeth loss, severe pain, or infection.

DIY tooth straightening poses many dangers which unfortunately some people don't seem to see. Moving teeth is actually a medical procedure that should be supervised personally by an orthodontist. Unsupervised procedures performed by inexperienced persons can lead to severe problems.

It is dangerous to try closing a gap or straightening your own teeth. As such, you will do yourself a lot of good by being cautious about any suggestions to move your teeth using any of those devices or other objects offered online.

DIY projects are best for home repairs or craft

DIY projects are best for simple things such as home repairs or craft projects – NOT braces. Remember, you only get a single set of adult teeth after your milk teeth fall out. That is why it is crucial to entrust their care to a professional orthodontist who has the necessary skills to protect your dental health, while giving you an attractive smile that you will always take pride in. 

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How much do braces cost?

So you're almost ready to invest in your smile and improve your confidence but how much do braces costs?

Prices can't be provided verbally because an orthodontist is unable to determine your treatment costs without a consultation. Here are some factors and reasons why:

  • Nature and the condition of your teeth:  The length of your treatment plan is affected by your teeth conditions and alignment

  • Dental Hygiene:  The current condition of your teeths hygiene and the maintenance during the course of your treatment will have an effect on the duration.  So healthy teeth and gums will help your treatment go according to plan.

  • Choice of brace type:  There are many orthodontic treatment options to choose from.You may not like the standard metal orthodontic appliance and go for Invisalign or Incognito to suit your lifestyle.  Keep in mind that each orthodontic appliances requires different level of skill and time therefore affecting the price of braces.

  • Treatment provider level of skill:  General dentist are starting to overstep their skill level by offering orthodontic treatment.They are normally cheaper at the beginning (can be more expensive in the long term to fix mistakes) but do you really want to trust a dentist who isn't specialised in orthodontic treatment, not to mention the health/appearance of your teeth?  Be assured that at Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, our specialist orthodontist "Dr Chin" has the experience and can provide you the range of treatment options to suit your needs.

Those with health insurance with extras, orthodontics may be covered as part of your plan so be sure to take advantage of it.

Your health and smile is a very important investment so it's best to request a consultation with our orthodontist.  By analysing the condition of your teeth and going through the treatment options, it is then that we can provide you with costs of your braces.

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